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  1. Learning programs with magic values
    C. Hocquette and A. Cropper
    Machine learning 2022
  2. Inductive logic programming at 30: a new introduction
    A. Cropper and S. Dumančić.
    JAIR 2022
  3. Inductive logic programming at 30
    A. Cropper, S. Dumančić, R. Evans, and S.H. Muggleton
    Machine learning 2022


  1. Relational program synthesis with numerical reasoning
    C. Hocquette and A. Cropper
    AAAI 2023
  2. Learning logic programs by discovering where not to search
    A. Cropper and C. Hocquette
    AAAI 2023
  3. Learning logic programs through divide, constrain, and conquer
    A. Cropper
    AAAI 2022